So Much More Than Web Hosting.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing we're working to keep your site fast, secure and reliable. 24/7/365.

Enterprise-class hosting and infrastructure ensures the best performance.

Our website care and support plans allow us to us solve and prevent problems before you even know they exist.


60 /month
75 /month
  • Hotlaunch Truly Managed Hosting
  • Enterprise Server, DNS and Network Infrastructure
  • Cloud Providers: AWS, Google Cloud, Hetzner, Vultr
  • Green hosting powered by renewable energy*
  • Server Security Optimization & Firewall
  • A+ Grade SSL (https)
  • WordPress Security Optimization
  • Local Security w/Brute Force Protection
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Page & Database Caching (Redis)
  • Database cleanup - empty spam & trash
  • Plausible Privacy-first Analytics ($9/mo value) (Google Analytics available)
  • Premium SMTP Transactional Email ($15/mo value)
  • Licensed Use of Premium Plugins (up to $800/yr value)
  • CDN Addon Available
  • Uptime Monitoring (2 minute intervals)
  • Email Support/HelpDesk
  • Malware Scan (Daily)
  • Offsite Cloud Backups (Weekly)
  • Software Updates - WordPress Core and Plugins (Monthly)
  • 15 GB Data Storage
  • Data Privacy Policy Service (+$15/mo)
  • Hotlaunch Standby (+$50/mo)
  • Fortress Security (+$50/mo)


100 /month
125 /month
  • All Core Plan Features
  • Priority Email Support/HelpDesk
  • 1 Hour Monthly Support
  • Malware Scan (4x Daily)
  • Malware Scan Protection & Removal Guarantee
  • Offsite Cloud Backups (Daily - 2 different locations)
  • Software Updates - WordPress Core and Plugins (2x Monthly)
  • Visual Website Check After Updates (Eyes on website)
  • Zero-day Vulnerability Patching
  • Vulnerability Scanning (4x Daily)
  • Free Backup Restoration
  • Performance Testing (Monthly)
  • Database Optimization (Monthly)
  • Google Search Console Setup and Monitoring
  • Data Privacy Policy Service ($15/mo value)
  • Hotlaunch Standby ($50/mo value)
  • Fortress Security (+$50/mo)
  • Hotlaunch Failover (Optional)


260 /month
325 /month
  • All Pro Plan Features
  • Premium Server Configuration
  • Offsite Cloud Backups (Hourly)
  • 2 Hours Monthly Support
  • Scheduled Phone Support
  • Uptime Monitoring (1 minute intervals)
  • Proactive Server Management
  • Proactive Server Reconfiguration
  • Hotlaunch Failover (Optional)
  • Custom Server Configurations Available
  • Green hosting powered by renewable energy is available at no additional charge. Some cloud providers are powered solely by renewable energy. Others meet their carbon neutrality goals by purchasing carbon offsets. Some don't have any positive environment practices in place. Just tell us your preference and we’ll make it happen.

  • Data Privacy Policy Service - Website policies that automatically update as the laws change.

  • Hotlaunch Standby - Automatically sync your website to another server/datacenter to ensure a working clone of your website is standing by at the ready. If an outage occurs we can point the site's DNS to the standby server to to mitigate extended outages or datacenter issues. 

  • Hotlaunch Failover - an extension of our Standby service, we sync and clone your site to another server/datacenter coupled with automatic DNS failover to redirect your site's traffic to the failover server in the event of an outage to ensure your website stays up and running.

  • Fortress Security - Enterprise-grade WordPress security without hiring a full InfoSec team. The team behind Fortress are a group of security researchers in the WordPress space. They're the team the security software companies ask to vet and secure their own software. 

  • Custom Server Configurations - we can configure your server for specific application or traffic requirements up to 48 vCPUs and 256 GB RAM. Contact us for fees/requirements. Higher configurations are available with our Enterprise plans.